Todd Rains is a director, cinematographer, editor, colorists  based in Jersey City, NJ. Todd spent 20 years as an Air Force Firefighter.

Todd currently attends full time at the Digital Film Academy in New Your City.

He sometimes gets ideas for the characters in his films, from his Air Force experience and from his wife who is an actress.

Todd's favorite directors are Stanley Kubrick,

Christopher Nolan, and  Judd Apatow.

He get's his editing style from the likes of Walter Murch, Michael Kahn, and Dody Dorn.

Todd wrote, directed, and edited three films, two short no dialogue films, Loved You in 2019, Salvation 2020, and a short narrative, Broken 2020. Todd is currently in preproduction on a short film and web series pilot to be filmed in March and April 2021.

His dream is to start his own production company and is currently building his body of work as a director, editor, After Affects Artist and colorist